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Is a system that is mounted on the windscreen, and this system registers everything that happens in front of the car from the moment you turn on your car until you switch it off, this device stating as evidence in the event of traffic accidents, especially when incidents of traffic lights where everybody claims that the signal was green in his side.


1. Small size and easy to install.

2. Stick to the front glass of the car by pressure, such as phone holder.

3. Comes with 2.5-inch colour screen with backlight.

4. Recording a front  area up to 120 degrees.

5. Supports night vision.

6. Can be set to record only moving objects.

7. Resolution video recording 1280 × 720.

8. Can record video and capture image and display what has been filmed earlier.

9. Uses storage cards, of type (Micro SD card)

10. Supports the storage space up to 32 GB.