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CCTV systems


CCTV systems:

This system is a monitoring system for the inside and surroundings property area with a cameras of high quality, that enables you to monitor the site around the clock, with a possibility of retrieving the recorded video files at any time and very easily.

System features:

1. You can choose between two types of cameras CCTV and IP.

2. Each camera can be controlled separately in terms of focus and convergence, whether manually or electronically.

3. The cameras equipped with night vision by using infrared.

4. Supports a Pan–Tilt–Zoom camera that is capable of remote directional and zoom control.

5 It's possible to display a live show to either to one or more monitors or through the computer.

6. Sound can be recorded with the video if required.

7. The system can be adjusted to record only when movement is available in front of the camera to save the storage space.

8. It's possible to access to the camera system remotely through the Internet.