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Door video intercom


This system is an alternative system for the traditional doorbell, the homeowner can see visitors, communicate with them and open the door for them from inside of the house, this system provides security for the family to avoid unwelcomed visitors, especially during the absence of head of the family.

System features:

1.       Comes with  color screen, size 7 or 8 inches ultra-slim with Luxury design.

2.       The screen operates without radiation and it’s highly stable with low energy consumption.

3.       Comes with multiple tones and sound volume control, and brightness control.

4.       External camera with night vision infrared, antioxidants and waterproofing.

5.       Access keyboard can be added to enables family members to enter the house with a password or magnetic card.

6.       Possibility of linking more than one door camera and more than one monitor , as is the case in the multi-story houses.

7.       Possibility of using the internal monitors  to communicate with each other as an internal intercom.

8.       It can store the visitors photos on an SD card with capacity up to 8 GB.