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Electronic lock – Samsung


Is a digital electronic lock for doors, offers the advantage of securing the door by using a variety of techniques such as PIN, magnetic cards or fingerprint.


1.      High technology, made in Korea by SAMSUNG.

2.      Sleek design with touch screen with a wonderful texture.

3.      You can access through within one second.

4.      Can be accessed by fingerprint, card, password or a combination of two methods, depending on model.

5.      Alarm system starts automatically when incidence a fire.

6.      Does not require electrical connections.

7.      Equipped with an alert system when battery power is low.

8.      Easy to install and can be mounted on most of the doors.

9.      Operates with four or eight ordinary batteries of the type AA and lasts for 12 months.

10.  Can be supplied with a remote control.

11.  You can open the lock by an external battery with the use of PIN number at an emergency or by a mechanical key depending on the model.