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Intruders Detection System


An electronic system consisting of sensors, motion detectors and alarm devices that are connected to a control panel via either hardwired or wireless signal.

1. Our system supports wire connecton and wireless (doesn't require any cabling).

2. Notify you in the event of any suspicious movement at the site.

3. Notify you in the event of opening any door or window.

4. Notify you in the event of windows break .

5. Notify you in the event of water leak.

6. Notify you in the event of electricity disconnection and when its returns.

7. The system sends the notifications using the GSM network by sending SMS 5 pre-programmed mobile numbers.

8. It can be controlled through the integrated keyboard, remote control , text messages and telephone call.

9. The system can be armed or disarmed by a text message or a phone call.

10. The system informs the user by SMS in case of low power of the system internal battery or other attached wireless devices.

11. The system trigger the siren and sends SMS alert messages in the event of a gas leak or a fire.

12. The system is equipped with an internal rechargeable battery , that can keep the system life for more than 15 hours without electricity.