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Plants irrigation system


Is an electronic device designed to regulate the irrigation of crops in specific times, for fixed periods, facilitates the process of irrigation, and keeps the plants look green all year round. This system save you from all problems that lead to irregular watering the plants because of concerns of everyday life as it provides water for crops on a regular basis, even if you are away from home for months , it also reduces the waste of water and thus reduce the expenses of water bills.

 System Features:

1. Is a small device in size with a high quality.

2. Easy installation and maintenance, he does not need equipment to be installed.

3. Candidate provider of water to avoid sand and other impurities.

4. Does not require electrical connections.

5. Operates two batteries of the type (AA) available in the market easily.

6. Battery life up to 6 months.

7. Anti-leak water.

8. Provide with two buttons only for easy adjustment.

9. Available by the 16 option to adjust the length of irrigation.

10. Available by the 16 option to adjust the repetition of irrigation.